About Us

Welcome to Smokey Hot Dog Carts. We build the best hot dog cart in the business.

Hot Dog Cart Manufacturer Andy Stepson

Andy Stepson, hot dog cart maker

Owner Andy Stepson founded Smokey Hot Dog Carts with one goal in mind: build a better hot dog cart.  A hot dog cart manufacturer, Andy became frustrated with “the other guys” inferior product quality, poor cart design, and predatory sales tactics.  He knew he could do better.  You can read more about this in our featured article: Buying A Hot Dog Cart – Don’t Be Fooled!

With 20 years of proud fabrication and metal working experience, Andy refuses to cut corners.  Here at Smokey Hot Dog Carts, we’re happy to spend a little more to build our carts right.  Quality stainless, steel, and components.  Powerful 3 burner steam tray, full featured water system with on-demand hot water, quality water pump, generous fresh water and waste water capacity. Sturdy construction with full body frame support, and all the trays and accessories you need for your business investment.

And you’ll like this part best – we guarantee honest sales and support.  No fast talking, no gimmicks, no bait and switch, no games.  One cart. One price. Everything you need for a business that will last you a lifetime.

Andy stands behind each and every Smokey Hot Dog Cart he makes.  And he takes pride in dealing with his customers honestly.  But you don’t have to take our word for it – give Andy a call at 904-310-6018 right now and see for yourself.

The Smokey Cart
We built this cart right. Everything you need for a lifetime of vending. Huge steam table with 3 X cast iron burners. Full water system with on-demand hot water, oversized sink. Smart design includes top-access ...