Our Hot Dog Carts

Smokey Hot Dog Carts – we make it simple!  Now you can start your hot dog vending business with the best built hot dog cart money can buy.  We offer one hot dog cart model – The Smokey Cart – and it has everything you need for a lifetime business.  One model.  One price.  No useless add-ons.  No “up selling.”  No fast talking.  No bait and switch.  Just a well-designed cart, built smart, at an honest price.

We Do Custom Work.  Of course, we are highly skilled metal workers and fabricators.  If you want special enhancements, simply ask for a quote.  If you can dream it, we can build it.


  • BIG SINK!  The Smokey Cart comes with three sinks (code usually requires 3 sinks) – two standard “small” sinks and a “big” sink.  You’ll love the big sink – you have plenty of room to wash your hands and clean your equipment.  All included.
  • 3 Burner Gas Steam Table.  All of our carts come equipped with a 3 cast-iron burner steam table, fully customizable to any configuration of stainless steel trays.  The Smokey Cart’s steam table is huge and just shy of “double width” – fits 1 full + 1 half +1 third size steam trays with lids.  More than enough room for all the hot dogs, chili, sauerkraut, steamed buns, and other hot items you will offer.
  • Full Featured Water System.  Most states require hot dog carts to have a sink and fresh water to wash your hands and utensils.  The water system needs a tank for fresh water, tanks to collect waste water, and a water pump.  The Smokey Cart includes an instant hot water heater for added sanitation and comfort.  Here are all the water system components:
    • Instant “Tankless” Hot Water Heater.  On demand hot water to your tap.
    • Water pump.
    • 5 gallon “quick change” fresh (potable) water tank
    • Two 7 gallon waste water tanks (liquid waste disposal system)
    • Easy access to all components for refill, removal, and servicing.
  • HUGE Work Area.  Finally, enough open space to work comfortably.
  • Big 48+ qt Built In Cooler.
  • Stainless Steel Trays and Lids Included!  We include
  • Colorful 7′ Umbrella. Included. Keeps you cool and attracts attention.


We know you have lots of options out there to start your hot dog cart business.  There are well known brand names and fast-talking confidence salesmen out there looking for your money.  Here at Smokey Hot Dog Carts, we do things a little differently.  We cherish small town values and work hard to earn trust.  We confidently stand behind our products and service.  Here’s what you need to know about Smokey Hot Dog Carts:

  • Honesty.  It’s simple.  Smokey Hot Dog Carts is built by honest, hard-working people who just make better carts.  We want you to love your investment, we won’t cut corners, and we will promise to be straightforward and fair.
  • Full Body Steel Framing.  Your new hot dog cart is built better and stronger.  The Smokey Cart is built on top of a welded steel frame that reinforces the entire length of the cart.  The “other guys” leave sections of their cart shell flimsy and wobbly without proper structure and support.  But your Smokey Cart is fully framed and sturdy, ready for decades of service and profit.
  • Top-Door Easy Access to All Components.  Most hot dog carts have hard-to-use side access doors for the tanks and pump.  The Smokey Cart is built smarter – we designed a top door hatch for easy access to all of your tanks, plumbing, and water pump.  No bending over, no fiddling around in the dark to swap out tanks.  That’s smart design.
  • Three Burners. Standard.  The “other guys” might play the shell game with the number of burners they offer.  The simple truth is a 3 burner steam table costs almost exactly the same as a steam table with fewer burners – why would any manufacturer choose to skimp on this?  The Smokey Cart uses a quality triple cast iron burner system with individual controls.

Let’s get started today.  Give Andy a call at 904-310-6018 and he will answer any questions you may have.  Or if you’re ready to own the best cart in the business, you can Order The Smokey Cart online right now.

The Smokey Cart
We built this cart right. Everything you need for a lifetime of vending. Huge steam table with 3 X cast iron burners. Full water system with on-demand hot water, oversized sink. Smart design includes top-access ...